Pack to protect

Darco and sustainability

We take responsibility in all areas, so we not only take concrete steps to reduce our own ecological footprint, but we want to create an even greater impact by preventing waste as a result of damage.

Sustainability is an integral part of what Darco does - a commitment to minimal environmental impact. Transparent communication is important. Follow our sustainability goals and activities here. We are constantly working on a more sustainable product range for all market requirements and focus on recycling and reducing raw material consumption. Sustainability has a prominent place in our company and we want to focus even more on it in the future.

Solar panels on Darco's roof
207.5 tons
avoided CO2 emissions per year

100% recyclable

The material that Darco produces is 100% recyclable; by collecting and cleaning the material, all Darco products can be recycled. However, the recycled material must be of high quality, which is why recyclability depends on the use of the product and the collection and cleaning system after use. There are many polymers on the market and they need to be sorted and separated properly to achieve high and consistent quality.

“Our mission? Combating waste due to damage by packaging products better.”
Dimitri Vanneste, Darco C.E.O.
We offer various recycled foils

We think locally and act globally.

1071 Solar panels, providing 300 kWp of power and an average annual yield of 296.50 kWh. In addition to our own consumption, we also provide electricity for 80 to 100 families. As a result, we avoid no less than 207.5 tons of CO₂ emissions per year.